With there being 100,000s of talented producers, having the best sounds can be a game changer for your beats. Focusing on quality, I have included 100% original sounds that you will actually use - no filler sounds! These sounds are perfect for Modern RnB (Drake, Summer Walker, etc.), Dark Synth Beats (Kanye, Travis, etc.), and more! All sounds in the Analog Bank have been converted to One Shots (16 extra sounds) so that anyone who does not have access to Analog Labs can still enjoy the kit. 


  • Analog Lab Bank (70) - Synth Keys (18), Synth Pad (12) , Plucked Keys (11), Bass (10), Leads (4), Organs (6), Strings (6), and Arps (3).
  • One Shot Kit (86) - Same sounds as in Analog Bank (excluding 3 Arps) +  Bass (8), Leads (3) , Synth Keys (3), Leads (3), and Pads (3).

 Note: Analog Lab V required for Analog Bank.


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